Why Can't You Download Videos From Twitter

Why Can't You Download Videos From Twitter

Twitter does not offer an official download option to save videos due to privacy and copyright concerns. However, it is possible to save videos from Twitter on your PC or mobile device using other methods. It is important to respect the rights of users and creators when downloading videos from Twitter.

Is it against Twitter's policies to download videos from their platform?

The popular social media platform Twitter does not provide an option for users to download videos from their website. This means that individuals cannot save or keep a copy of videos that they find on Twitter. While users can watch these videos on the platform, they cannot download them for offline viewing or to use in other ways. This policy is in place to protect the rights of content creators and to ensure that videos are not used without their permission. As a result, Twitter users must rely on alternative methods if they wish to download videos from the platform.

Is Twitter a video sharing app?

Twitter is a platform mainly intended for text-based communication, and it can be challenging to download videos posted within tweets. Consequently, sharing video content on Twitter often requires sharing the entire tweet. To address this issue, Mashable has published an article providing users with guidance on how to download videos from Twitter.

Can you download a video from a tweet?

Downloading a video from Twitter can be a challenging task due to the platform's limitations. Often, the only way to share a video on Twitter is by retweeting the entire tweet containing the video. However, you can also opt to record a screen, edit the recording, and save the desired clip as an alternative method. Despite the difficulty, it is possible to download videos from Twitter with a few tricks and techniques.

Is Twitter banned from sharing videos or photos?

Twitter has introduced tighter privacy policies aimed at preventing users from sharing private images or videos without the consent of the individuals featured in them. The new measures were implemented to safeguard its users' privacy and to prevent the sharing of sensitive content without permission. In accordance with these new policies, Twitter will remove photos and videos that are reported as violating its privacy standards. The move is part of Twitter's ongoing efforts to make the platform a safer and more secure place for its users.

Does Twitter allow spam?

Twitter has a strict policy against platform manipulation, which refers to bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that can mislead or disrupt the experience of other users. The aim of this policy is to ensure that Twitter is a trusted platform for communication, and it is enforced to prevent spam and other forms of manipulation. Any violation of this policy can result in account suspension or termination.

Is there a solution or workaround for those who want to download videos from Twitter?

DownloadTwitterVideo is an efficient online video downloader designed to aid users in downloading videos posted on Twitter. Its purpose-built functionality allows users to easily save trending videos on their devices. The web app performs exceptionally well and is dedicated solely to downloading videos attached to tweets. If you are looking for a reliable tool to save Twitter videos, DownloadTwitterVideo is an excellent option to consider.

Is savefrom a YouTube downloader?

SaveFrom.net is a user-friendly YouTube downloader which provides convenient shortcuts for fast and efficient downloads. It also enables users to download videos through the link or the page where the content is being watched. This program is capable of downloading videos from various platforms on the internet. Its ease of use and versatility make it a reliable choice for those seeking to download video content from the internet.

Where can I download videos from the Internet?

There are various websites available to download videos from the internet, but one of the recommended options is EaseUS MobiMover. This free online video and audio downloader allows users to easily copy and paste the video URL to download online videos to their PC/Mac. This software is available for both Windows and Mac users. With its user-friendly interface, MobiMover is an efficient and reliable option for video and audio downloading.

What is the fastest video downloader?

FastestTube is a browser extension developed specifically for YouTube video downloads. It boasts a quick downloading speed and seamlessly integrates with the browser. The extension appears as a download dropdown button, allowing users to download videos while they are watching them. This tool is an efficient and reliable option for those in need of a hassle-free video downloading experience on YouTube.

How do video download helper sites work?

Video-download helper sites serve the purpose of facilitating the download process of online videos. They operate on a fundamental principle wherein the user provides them with a URL link of the video, and they parse it to give the user various download size options. These sites then provide a direct link to the desired video download. This section aims to provide a guide on how to download YouTube videos and highlights the significance of video-download helper sites in streamlining the download process.

In accordance with copyright laws, sharing copies of a video without obtaining permission from the owner is considered illegal. On the other hand, downloading Twitter videos for personal use is completely legal, as long as the content is not being shared or used for commercial purposes without permission. It is important to differentiate between personal use and unauthorized distribution to avoid infringing on someone else's intellectual property rights.

Can you download videos from Twitter?

Twitter offers an easy way to save photos, but downloading videos from the platform typically requires engaging third-party apps and multiple steps. To save any Twitter video as an MP4 file on a computer or phone, users must follow a few specific instructions. Though the process is not difficult, it can be time-consuming and requires careful attention to detail. By following the right steps, however, it is possible to download and save any video from Twitter.

How to download Twitter videos & GIFs?

TWSaver.com is an online platform that provides the functionality to download Twitter videos by simply copying and pasting the tweet's link. The website recognizes the video URL and extracts it in multiple MP4 qualities, enabling users to save Twitter videos and GIFs directly on their personal computers or mobile phones. The service is streamlined and convenient, allowing users to quickly and easily download Twitter videos without the need for any additional software or technical expertise.

What happens if Twitter removes or restricts access to user content?

In accordance with its copyright policy, Twitter will act upon any complaint of infringement by removing or limiting access to user content. A sincere attempt will be made by Twitter to notify the affected user of this action, providing a detailed copy of the complaint and guidance on how to file a counter-notice.

Infringing upon someone's copyright without their permission is known as piracy or copyright infringement. YouTube, as an online video sharing platform, hosts content created by users, some of whom may unintentionally or intentionally violate copyright laws. To prevent such infringements, it is essential to protect your brand by adopting proactive measures such as utilizing copyright monitoring tools, obtaining necessary permissions from the copyright holder, and reporting any infringing content to YouTube for removal.

How does Twitter respond to copyright complaints?

Twitter's copyright policy adheres to the requirements outlined in Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The policy provides instructions for reporting copyright infringement and for appealing a removal by submitting a compliant counter-notice. Twitter takes copyright infringement seriously and encourages users to respect intellectual property rights.

YouTube Copyright Claims: Can I Still Monetize My Channel?

Receiving a copyright strike on YouTube indicates that the owner of the copyrighted material is enforcing their rights and may have the video removed. Monetization of the affected videos may also be disallowed. If the copyright strike is for a live stream, the creator may lose streaming privileges for 90 days. If a channel receives three copyright strikes, it may be terminated by YouTube. Further consequences may also apply.

Do I have to renew my copyright if I upload a video?

The ownership of copyright on YouTube is determined by the origin of the content. If the creator of the video uploaded it, they are the owner of the copyright. However, if the content was created by someone else, they hold the copyright and permission must be obtained before uploading it. The copyright is created as soon as the work is produced, according to the 1992 law. It is important to follow YouTube's copyright rules to avoid any legal consequences.

Can I download Twitter videos to my phone and computer?

It is indeed possible to download videos from Twitter on both mobile devices and computers. This enables you to easily share the video without requiring the recipient to have a Twitter account or access to the platform. Whether you are on a phone or computer, the process of downloading Twitter videos is quite simple and can be accomplished with a few easy steps. By following the right procedure, you can easily save and share exciting video content from Twitter.

How to download Twitter videos as an MP4 file?

To download Twitter videos as an MP4 file on your computer, it is recommended to visit a trusted website such as SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader. These websites have been tested and proven to work. The process is simple and both sites work in the same way. It is preferable to use a reliable website to ensure a safe and efficient download.

How do I save videos from Twitter?

To download videos from Twitter and share them with non-Twitter users, several workarounds exist. A third-party app such as Download Twitter Videos for Android or Shortcuts for iPhone may be used to accomplish the task. These apps allow for easy downloading of Twitter videos on various smartphone devices. By using these apps, Twitter users can save videos onto their devices and share them outside the Twitter platform without any hassle.

Can you download Twitter videos on mobile devices, or is it only possible on desktop computers?

There are several ways to download Twitter videos onto a computer or phone. One option is to use a third-party app such as SaveTweetVid.com, which allows users to download any Twitter video as an .MP4 file through a link or QR code. For those with an iPhone, the Shortcuts app can also be utilized. Alternatively, Android users can download the Download Twitter Videos app. By utilizing these methods, individuals can easily save and access Twitter videos for personal or professional use.

How do I download Twitter videos?

In order to download Twitter videos, various methods can be employed depending on the operating system one uses. The easiest way to download Twitter videos is by using a PC or Mac. One can simply copy the video's URL and visit a website like DownloadTwitterVideo.com. However, downloading videos on mobile devices such as iOS or Android can be challenging and requires the use of a third-party app like MyMedia app (iOS) or +Download (Android). By following these methods, users can download and save Twitter videos for future reference.

How do I save a Twitter video to my Android device?

To save Twitter videos on an Android device, users need to download the free +Download app. This app is necessary for saving videos on the device for offline play. To download a Twitter video, users can open the official Twitter app on their Android device or copy the video link from a browser. By following these steps, users can easily download and save Twitter videos on their Android device for future use.

Can you download videos from YouTube?

PCMag recommends using a video downloader called "4K Video Downloader" to download videos from Twitter. The software works with over 1,000 websites that show video, and allows users to capture videos, GIFs, and live videos from Twitter in various formats. Simply paste in the URL to "analyze" and select the desired format to download. By using this tool, users are able to save and view viral Twitter content at their convenience.

How do I share a Twitter video?

Saving Twitter videos on iOS, Android, and Windows is a simple task that does not require the official Twitter app. Users can copy the video link from their browser and share it via the +Download app, which appears in their list of apps. By tapping the share button below the video, users can easily access and save Twitter videos on their devices. This process is straightforward and convenient for anyone looking to save videos from Twitter.

How long can downloaded videos be played offline?

In order to watch videos offline on the streaming platform, there is a functionality to download them for a period of 30 days. However, if the device is connected to the internet and has an active subscription, the downloaded videos can remain on the device for an extended time. The video quality for downloads can be selected by accessing the App Settings and choosing the preferred option. The process of downloading videos allows for greater flexibility and convenience in accessing content on the platform.

What are YouTube video restrictions?

YouTube imposes video restrictions to ensure compliance with content guidelines and copyright laws. These restrictions prevent certain audiences, such as minors, from accessing inappropriate content and protect creators from potential copyright issues. For YouTube partners, these restrictions can also impact monetization. To manage video restrictions, creators can check the YouTube Studio app on their mobile devices or consult the YouTube Help center for guidance. By adhering to these restrictions, creators can ensure that their content remains in compliance with YouTube's policies and regulations.

How do I download a video from a tweet?

To retrieve videos from tweets on Twitter, it is necessary to have the URL of the tweet. The URL can be obtained by clicking on the text of the tweet or its timestamp. Sometimes, videos are viewed on Twitter timelines without accessing the actual tweet. To download these videos, the tweet URL is required. It is essential to have the right information about the tweet to download videos successfully.

How many videos can streamfab download per day?

In adherence to the principle of fair use and to sustain the streaming service ecosystem, StreamFab has set a maximum limit on the number of video downloads from each website per day. Therefore, the downloading of videos from any single website will be restricted within the permissible limit to ensure that users utilize the service responsibly and ethically. This measure has been taken to maintain a balanced and sustainable system that benefits both the streaming service providers and the end-users.

What are the steps to download videos from Twitter?

To summarize, in order to download a video or GIF from Twitter, one must access the specific page containing the desired file and copy its link. The link can then be pasted onto a downloading site, which will generate options for various video qualities. It is important to follow these steps in a professional manner when downloading media from social media platforms.

What is the best way to download videos from Twitter?

To download Twitter DM video or tweet videos in Windows, the Video Downloader PLUS Chrome Web Store extension is a convenient option. This extension offers a list of available video resolutions when playing a video on websites like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. By using this extension, users can easily download videos for offline viewing.

What is the best Twitter video downloader?

UniConverter is the leading software for downloading Twitter videos in MP4 format. With the ability to identify Twitter URLs and convert videos to various formats, including MOV, AVI, ASF, FLV, and 3GP, UniConverter has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool for downloading videos from over 1000 sharing sites. This software's versatility and performance make it the perfect choice for users who need to convert Twitter videos to MP4 in seconds.

How do you download GIFs from Twitter?

To save a GIF image from Twitter, first open your preferred browser and browse for the desired image. Then, right-click on the image and select "Copy Gif Address." Next, go to "https://twdownload.com/" in a new tab and paste the copied GIF link URL into the "video URL box." Finally, click "Download" to generate a new page that allows you to save the GIF image. Following these steps, you can easily download a GIF from Twitter without any difficulties.

How to download twitter videos on Android or iPhone?

To download videos from Twitter, one can install the Download Twitter Videos app on their Android phone or tablet. Once installed, the user can open the video they wish to download in the official Twitter app and tap the "Share" button. From there, they can select "Share via" and scroll down until they see the Download Twitter Videos icon and tap on it. The user can then select the video quality they desire, and the clip will be saved. This is a straightforward and convenient method for users who want to download videos from Twitter.

Are there any alternative methods for users to save videos from Twitter?

SaveTweetVid.com is a useful online platform that enables users to download any video from Twitter as an MP4 file by either inserting a link or scanning a QR code. Additionally, users can opt for the Shortcuts application on their iPhones or the Download Twitter Videos app on their Android devices. This straightforward and convenient method provides users with a hassle-free means of obtaining Twitter videos in the format of their choosing.

How to download Twitter videos and GIFs?

The Shortcuts app, available on most Apple devices, can be utilized by iOS and macOS users to download videos from Twitter. This involves creating a new shortcut that enables the downloading of Twitter videos and GIFs. By using this method, users can easily save videos and GIFs from Twitter onto their devices. Other methods for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs on both phones and computers are also available.

Is there a Twitter alternative to fbdown?

Lumen5 has listed the top 15 free Twitter video downloaders for 2021, and one of them is TWDOWN.net. This tool allows users to download MP4 files and convert videos to MP3 files with ease. However, there are no unique features that set it apart from other similar tools. If you're looking for a free Twitter video downloader, you can explore other options on Lumen5's list.

Do you need a reliable Twitter video downloader?

In today's digital age, Twitter has become a powerful platform for sharing videos and other multimedia content. However, downloading videos from Twitter can be a challenge. To address this need, several video downloaders have been created to provide easy access to Twitter videos. As a content creator, having a reliable video downloader can be helpful in generating new material and expanding creative opportunities. This section by Lumen5 presents 15 of the best free Twitter video downloaders available in 2021.

Can you save a Twitter video by using the browser's built-in options such as 'Save As' or 'Save Page'?

SaveTweetVid and TwitterVideoDownloader are two websites that offer users the ability to download videos from Twitter. Both of these options offer a simple and efficient solution for saving videos to your computer. To use either website, simply copy the link to the Twitter video you wish to download, then paste it into the website and click download. These websites are useful for individuals who need to download videos for personal or professional use. Overall, they provide a convenient way to access and save videos from Twitter.

Does Twitter have a save video button?

In a formal tone, it can be stated that Twitter does not provide a built-in option for users to download videos from its site, necessitating the use of third-party services. Fortunately, there are several free options available that support both Twitter's desktop and mobile platforms. Trusted Reviews provides a guide on how to download Twitter videos using these services.

How to download a Twitter image from savetwitter?

SaveTwitter is a reliable online platform that offers easy and efficient downloading of Twitter videos, images, MP3s, and GIFs. To download a Twitter video of the best quality, users can simply copy the tweet URL and paste it into the input box on the SaveTwitter website. The platform's interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it simple and hassle-free for users to access and download their desired content. Overall, SaveTwitter is a practical solution for anyone looking to download Twitter content quickly and efficiently.

How to save a tweet to your PC?

To save a video from Twitter to your PC, you can click on the up arrow icon on the bottom right of the tweet containing the video and select the "Copy link to Tweet" option, or alternatively, right-click on the Date/Time of the tweet and select "Copy link address". This will copy the link of the tweet to your clipboard, which you can then use to download the video using a third-party downloader tool or an online service. Following these steps will enable you to save the video from Twitter onto your PC for future viewing.

Is 'content' appropriate for Today's social media platforms?

The issue of regulating inappropriate content on social media platforms is not a new one, as companies in industries such as movies, video games, and television have faced the same challenge for decades. However, with the growing influence and reach of social media, it has become increasingly important for these platforms to take responsibility for self-regulating their content. The Harvard Business Review argues that social media companies need to act now to ensure the appropriate and ethical use of their platforms.

What are social media privacy laws?

The FindLaw website provides an informative article concerning social media privacy laws in the United States. The article specifically covers social media privacy in the workplace and outlines several federal laws that address concerns related to social media privacy. The website provides valuable information for individuals seeking a better understanding of their privacy rights regarding social media in a professional setting.

Are We Entering a New Era of Social Media Regulation?

There are indications that we may be on the cusp of a new era of social media regulation, following the unprecedented bans on President Trump by Facebook and Twitter. This could involve both external and internal enforcement, and we can expect to see significant changes in the coming months and weeks. Key areas for reform may include issues related to content moderation, algorithmic transparency, and the social media company's obligations and accountability to their users and wider society.

Is it illegal to watch a video on YouTube?

According to newmediarights.org, it is illegal for someone to post a video that infringes on copyright laws. However, watching or streaming an infringing video is not against the law. If it were, a large number of people would be violating the law simply by viewing videos on websites like YouTube. There are legal consequences for those who post copyrighted videos, but not for those who watch them.

Is it legal to download music or movies online?

Illegally downloading music or movies online is a common practice, but it is not legal. Even though some artists or sites may offer free downloads or legitimate purchases may be made, unauthorized downloads can lead to legal consequences. It is important to be aware of the penalties for illegal downloading, which can include fines, lawsuits, and even imprisonment. Therefore, it is recommended to only download music or movies from authorized sources to avoid facing legal action.

What is illegal downloading?

The act of illegal downloading is considered a violation of the Copyright Act of 1976, a federal law that governs copyright in the United States. Works protected by copyrights include literary, musical and cinematic works. Those found guilty of downloading copyrighted material can face legal penalties.

Does Youtube have a copyright?

When using videos, it is important to check their copyright status and ensure that they are licensed under an open license, such as one of the Creative Commons licenses or the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication. While there are many videos on YouTube that are licensed under these open licenses, there are also many that are under copyright and have not been licensed for open use. It is therefore essential to do proper research and obtain permission before using any copyrighted videos.

Are there any alternative ways to access or save Twitter videos aside from downloading them?

The aforementioned websites, namely TWSaver, SSSTwitter, and TWDown.net, are highly recommended helper sites for individuals seeking to download Twitter content. These websites offer reliable and efficient tools for saving various types of Twitter media, such as videos and images, onto users' devices. Moreover, TWDown.net is known for its proficiency in downloading both Twitter and Facebook videos, and is considered a notable companion to the widely acclaimed FDown.net Facebook video downloader.

How do I save a Twitter video to my phone?

In order to download Twitter videos and GIFs on a phone or PC, there are various methods available. One option is to use a third-party app such as Downloader for Twitter or Video Downloader for Twitter, which allows for easy downloading of content. Another method is to use a website such as Twitter Video Downloader or SaveTweetVid, which can also be used to save Twitter content onto a device. Some apps like Telegram and Tweeload can also be used for downloading Twitter videos. By following these steps, users can easily save Twitter videos and GIFs for future use.

How to download videos from Twitter in a flash?

GetfVid is a highly-efficient tool that offers effortless and swift video downloads from Twitter and Facebook. Along with MP4 format, it also provides the option of converting these videos into MP3 files. Simply by entering the video URL in the designated field and clicking on the download button, users can instantly download the desired videos. This easy-to-use tool ensures effortless and quick video downloading, making it an exceptional choice for users.

Is Twitter a video platform?

In this tutorial, Trusted Reviews provides step-by-step instructions on how to download videos from Twitter. While Twitter may not be a dedicated video platform like TikTok or Instagram, it still houses a vast collection of captivating videos. The guide is designed to assist users in saving videos from Twitter, whether it be a music video, a meme, or personal memories with friends. The instructions are easy to follow, making the process simple and accessible to all. By following these guidelines, users can seamlessly save videos from Twitter in a hassle-free manner.

How to download videos from Twitter to your phone?

If you need to download videos from Twitter regularly, there is a more convenient solution than scanning QR codes. iOS users can use the file viewer app called Documents by Readdle. This app allows you to easily download videos from Twitter and it is a more efficient option. Additionally, it is a helpful tool for managing and organizing your downloaded files. By using Documents by Readdle, you can quickly and conveniently access and save videos from Twitter.

Are there any specific tools or software that can help download videos from Twitter?

To download Twitter videos on your computer or smartphone, you can use third-party apps. One such app is SaveTweetVid.com which allows you to download any Twitter video as an.MP4 file. The app enables downloading using a link or QR code. Using such apps for downloading Twitter videos can help you save time and effort.

What are the best free Twitter video Downloaders?

TWSaver is a fast and reliable Twitter video downloader that offers three resolution options: SD, HD, and UHD (if available). To download a video, users need only copy the tweet link and paste it into the designated text box on the homepage. This free tool provides a simple and effective solution for downloading videos from Twitter in various resolutions.

What is a video downloader?

Review Geek has compiled a list of the best video downloader software for 2022. The article explains that these programs allow users to copy video URLs and download videos from various websites. Additionally, some of the software includes browser extensions for easier video downloading while browsing the internet. The article offers a comprehensive list of the top video downloader programs on the market.

Why can't I download videos from Twitter?

When attempting to download videos from Twitter, it is important to ensure that the correct link is copied and that the video is playable on the PC. Keep in mind that downloading videos may take some time, so it is recommended to exercise patience. By following these steps, users can successfully download videos from Twitter.

Can downloading videos from Twitter lead to any security or privacy issues?

In conclusion, downloading private videos from Twitter is a safe process. However, it is highly recommended that the user seeks the permission of the video owner before downloading. It is important to adhere to proper etiquette and respect the privacy of others on social media platforms. By obtaining consent, one can avoid any potential legal or ethical issues that may arise from downloading private content without permission.

What is the fastest Twitter video downloader?

GetfVid is a highly efficient Twitter video downloader that offers instant downloads and speedy performance. It enables users to effortlessly save videos in MP4 format or extract audio tracks in MP3. By simply copying and pasting the video URL, users can access a preview window with a convenient "Download" button. Overall, GetfVid is an exceptional tool for swiftly downloading Twitter videos with ease and convenience.

Can you watch Twitter videos offline?

The ability to download Twitter videos offline or share them with non-Twitter users is now possible. Users can download videos directly from the Twitter app on Android or iOS devices, and the process can be simplified with the use of the Apple Shortcuts app. This functionality provides users with greater flexibility in accessing and sharing video content on the platform.

Is it possible to download videos from other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram?

Several social media platforms, including Instagram, do not offer a feature to download videos from their sites. However, there are third-party tools available that allow users to save videos from Instagram and other social networks. These tools are mostly web apps, eliminating the need for users to download any software to access them. Some of the most effective video downloaders are available for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Can you download videos from Facebook on Android?

FixThePhoto.com recommends the use of a Facebook video downloader app to save and watch videos offline at any time on an Android device. The app is capable of downloading high-definition videos from Facebook and other social media sites and online platforms. With this app, users can easily save their favorite clips and enjoy them even without an internet connection. By using this tool, users can ensure they don't miss out on any interesting videos they come across on Facebook. Overall, the Facebook video downloader app is a reliable and convenient tool for Android users who want to save and watch videos at their own convenience.

How do I download a video from a social media site?

In today's digital age, social media has become a vibrant platform for sharing and consuming content. Facebook, being one of the most popular social media websites, is home to millions of videos that users wish to save offline for future reference or sharing. To address this need, several video downloader apps have emerged in the market. Among these, 4KDownload stands out as the most popular solution designed to download Facebook videos on macOS devices. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a reliable option for users looking to save Facebook videos effortlessly. While the app's compatibility is limited to Android on the Chrome browser, it remains an excellent choice for those looking to download Facebook videos efficiently.

Can you download videos from Instagram?

Downloading Instagram videos can significantly enhance user experience by allowing offline viewing and sharing opportunities. It also enables reposting of videos, which is not possible within the Instagram app. There are several free tools available to download Instagram videos, making the process easy and accessible. Overall, downloading videos from Instagram can add value and enjoyment to the platform.

How do I download videos from Facebook without logging in?

FixThePhoto.com has compiled a list of the top 11 apps for downloading Facebook videos in 2023. The website offers three methods for downloading videos, including using the video link/URL, utilizing the Facebook video share feature, or browsing the account and clicking on the desired videos. Each app on the list provides unique features such as batch downloading, video quality options, and the ability to download videos from multiple platforms. Whether looking to save videos for personal use or business needs, the article provides a comprehensive guide to the best apps for downloading Facebook videos.

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